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Tim Bourquin

I rely on Paul Colligan every day to learn what works and what doesn't when turning my podcasts into real dollars. Paul is truly an expert in podcasting and no one knows more about how to make money from this new medium. Before you say one word into a microphone, hear what Paul has to say!

Tim Bourquin
Podcast And New Media Expo
Podcast Brothers


As a new CEO in the Podcasting space, I have found Paul Colligan to be an invaluable advisor. His pragmatism, experience, and raw marketing savvy have pushed me to make Podango a far more viable company than it would be otherwise.

Lee Gibbons

The Project Management Podcast

Premiumcast rocks. Paul Colligan's new service was built for podcasters by a podcaster – you can tell. It delivers the exact features that I need to create my premium, for-pay podcast in a fast, easy to use interface. It leaves others standing in the dust.

And on top of that, he doesn't even charge a percentage of my sales. I'm glad that I switched.

Cornelius Fichtner

“Paul Colligan is My Hero!”?

“Everything I learned about Podcasting, I learned from Paul Colligan!”?

A few months ago Paul Colligan approached me to interview me for a couple of his Podcasts. Why would Paul want to interview me? Perhaps it’s because I’ve been referred to by Dan Kennedy as “The $100,000,000 Marketing Man”? (because as VP of Hair Club for Men I helped the company grow from 8 to 69 offices and add a hundred million dollars of sales). Or, perhaps it’s because since leaving Hair Club a decade ago I’ve been revealing to business owners from a variety of industries how to put highly successful marketing on “auto pilot”? in their businesses. Paul could have wanted to interview me because I’m co-author of Nighingale-Conant’s hottest program, Piranha Marketing: The 7 Multiplying Factors to Dominate Any Market You Enter. But in spite of all my marketing knowledge, I knew nothing about Podcasting.

I was pleased to be interviewed by Paul, but I had NO IDEA what a Podcast was. In spite of my marketing and success knowledge, I am a “techno-phobe.”? I just don’t like having to learn new technology! And when I finally get around to implementing new technology, it is generally way after most people have already been using it for some time. But when Paul explained Podcasting to me, I was intriguing by it. Though against my nature to do so, I decided to be proactive and learn about and do something with Podcasting in my own business.

Of course, deciding where to find help to do a Podcast was easy! There was no place to go, nor was there anyone to look to for help except to Paul Colligan. I listened to interviews Paul did on Podcasting; I listened to his personal Podcasts (including those on I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the information Paul was sharing with the world! Not only is the quality of the information first rate, Paul presents the information in such a way that even I can understand and implement it. In fact, I was recently able to record and publish my very own Podcast! It ALL came together as a result of Paul’s help (his contacts and product knowledge are invaluable in providing help for the beginning as well as advanced Podcaster). He even introduced me to a voice over talent and editor who made my Podcast sound completely professional.

I recently sat with NFL Hall of Fame football player and Super Bowl winning coach Mike Ditka (“Da Coach!”?), interviewing him right in his hotel room with easy to use equipment Paul had recommended. The interview with Ditka will be part of a Podcast series I will be putting out soon. I NEVER would have known what to do and how to do it without the amazing Paul Colligan!

When it comes to Podcasting, Paul Colligan is “King Colligan”?. I’m completely impressed with everything Paul is doing, and how prolific he is in turning out the latest information to make Podcasting a reality in my life and in my business.

“Hurray for Paul Colligan!”? Thanks Paul, for all you’re doing to help me and thousands of others throughout the world through the very exciting world of Podcasting!

Tim Paulson,


Paul Colligan truly gets the power of Podcasting, especially when it comes to using it for business and making money. He is a valuable source of information on profitable Podcasting for anyone smart enough to listen.

Jason Van Orden
Author, Promoting Your Podcast


Let's face it; the purpose of business is to make money. Most people in Podcasting will not even attempt to answer that question. Paul Colligan not only answers it, he invents it. Do yourself a favor; read the Bible.

Declan Dunn
The FunMoneyGood Life Style Network


Leesa Barnes

“Podcasting for profit can be difficult to master, yet if you listen to Paul and follow his advice, you can make a five or six figure income from podcasting easily. Paul is the profitable podcasting King and if you follow his steps, you too will be laughing all the way to the bank.”

Leesa Barnes
Author, Podcasting for Profit


“I have been a student of yours for about a year….your enthusiasm is infectious. Your passion for teaching is amazing. I am a graduate of PCS now alumnae and a member of New Media Inner Circle since the very beginning.

Your coaching and mentoring have had everything to do with my shift to launching an online new media network geared to a midlife audience.

You treat us like equals and I look forward with great anticipation to your regular “conversations” on current topics in the new media world.

The New Media Inner Circle is truly one of the best monthly investments I make in my business. Paul, you give us so much value.

Even with a voracious curiosity and speed reading capability it would be impossible for me to keep abreast of all the current and topical shifts and changes in the NEW MEDIA world. Thank-you for doing your best in coaching and mentoring us and making the complex, simple.

You make new media sexy and fun!”

Elizabeth Harrington
Minneapolis MN

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