Recommended Podcast Management and Hosting Platform

The following is the hosting management and platform that I recommend:

  • Install the latest version of WordPress on your Webserver. The template and plugin system is preferred. A custom theme (for either WordPress or the install) is also recommended.
  • “Burn” your WordPress Feed with Feedburner. Use the “YourBrand” option to brand yourself, not Feedburner. Market the Feedburner Burned Feed.
  • For each Podcast episode, link to the file in WordPress utlizing a keyword-rich post.
  • If your Podcast is expected to have more than 500 downloads per episode, consider utilizing a different server for your media. Consider managing that server through the Gigavox Media Smart Delivery option.

Companies successfully used for domains and hosting: and

The following is a video that shows how domains from can be set for use with both Feedburner and Gigavox.

That’s it!

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