Paul Colligan’s Riffs

Business Riffs

If someone wants to pay you money, let them.

Two kinds of people, those who want to pay you money and those who don't. Focus on those who do.

Two kinds of people, those who want to hear from you and those who don't. Focus on those who do.

Pick the right tool for the job and not vice versa.

Time management is a myth. Attention management is a necessity.

If you don't know why you're doing it, the how is kind of silly.

The computer does the work for you and not vice versa. The second option is the stuff of bad dystopian sci-fi.

If someone offers you silly money, take it, but don't plan on it.

If you are planning on going viral, you don't know what the word “planning” means.

All time is not created equal.

Productivity on your phone or tablet is as much about the apps that you haven't installed as it is the apps that you have.

There are 5 minute issues and 1 hour issues. Don't confuse then.

YouTube Riffs

Looking for a Youtube channel name? Name it after topic – not talent. They'll find YOU when they search for what you do.

Why aren't people subscribing to your Youtube channel? Have you asked?

Youtube retention scores are the new view count.

Online vids someplace other than Youtube cause you like “their” player is like not selling at Costco cause of their chicken

#2 search engine in the world is Youtube. Got a Bing strategy but not a Youtube one? Sad.

You can put Youtube videos in Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. Some call that leverage

Buying Youtube views is paying someone else to lower your rankings.

If your waiting for your Youtube video to be perfect, please point me to a perfect Youtube video.

If your broadcasting live on anything other than Youtube, you're missing the point.

Youtube feels “safe” to most people watching. Your videos on Youtube get that by association.

Google is search engine #1. Youtube is #2. I've seen YT results in Google but not vice versa. Hmmm.

People aren't viewing your Youtube vids to see how good your camera is – they're watching to see how real you are.

A new video from your Youtube channel means your video on HOME PAGE OF YOUTUBE for your subscribers

Youtube is the default screen for internet video for the computer, the phone, and the television. Is it home to your stuff?

Youtube is a social network.Are you treating it like one? Responding to comments? Making comments of your own?

You've been able to stream via someone other than Youtube for years? Name the last time your mom brought up

Google is the “database of intent.” Youtube is search. Deal with it

The most viral of Youtube videos have the worst production values. Focus on story – leave flash to Hollywood.

What does your Youtube channel tell the world about you or your business.

If you use Youtube for nothing more than free video hosting, you'll never experience the community it can bring you.

First page of Google results – one of them is a Youtube video. Which one do you pick?

Who the media? You the media? Youtube the smartest video channel for the media.

Kindle Riffs

Google is the search engine for people who want free content – Amazon is for people willing to pay for it.

You will outlast any bookstore that currently doesn't carry your book.

Dead tree editions of books are no longer more valuable than digital.

Deliver your book in the format your reader wants it.

The book is not the end game.

A book is considerably more valuable than a blog, yet just as easy to produce.

Amazon makes more money per unit selling your Kindle book than any New York Times Bestseller.

Finish your book before dinner and Amazon is selling it before you head to bed.

How do you know if your book is any good? Your Amazon reviews will tell you.

Nobody looks at adiscounted Kindle book expecting full-value content. Why would you do that to yourself?

Full ownership of a strategic book is almost always worth more than any publisher's advance.

Don’t write a Kindle book. Write a book and make it available on Kindle (and everywhere else).

Don't count on your royalty checks … but do cash them.

Podcasting Riffs

Its a platform, not a podcast.

If they listen to you on a run, in the car, or on headphones, you have intimacy most marketers can only dream of.

Podcasts are platform independent. Stop thinking Apple.

If they're listening to your Podcast, you have more of their attention than almost anyone else.

Start with a Podcast and you never know where you will end up.

If they have a phone in their pocket, they can listen to your Podcast.

If you are Podcaster, you are a media publisher, and they will think of you differently.

The buzz of live creation that comes with Podcasting produces content you could only dream of.

In Podcasting, what you say is so much more important than how you sound.

How long should a Podcast be? As long as you need to make your point, and not one second longer.

Waste my time in life, I almost expect it. Waste my time in a Podcast and I unsubscribe.

Sharing your mind in a Podcast takes far less time than sharing your thoughts in a Blog post.

Most of your audience isn't looking for a Podcast, they're looking for content that you happen to Podcast.

Good audio will always be more important than good video.

Podcasting will be more important to your media future than you can possibly imagine.

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