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Me At Your Next Event?

      I love sharing my passions for tech with an audience ready to hear and act. When I share with your group, I’ll give practical and (immediately) implementable content – and do it in a highly entertaining way.

People keep asking me back so I must be doing something right.

Previous Keynotes And Presentation Venues/Events Include (But Certainly Aren’t Limited Too):

  • 25k NYC
  • BlogWorld and New Media Expo
  • Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy
  • Commission Junction University
  • The European Business Podcasting Summit
  • Firepower
  • Google Tech Talks
  • Hawaii Social Media Summit
  • Innotech Portland
  • Mac World
  • Main Street Marketing Machines
  • Make Market Launch
  • Microsoft Tech-Ed
  • Podcast World And New Media Expo
  • Social Media Marketing Machines Live
  • Social Media Marketing World
  • Social Media Superhero Summit
  • Social Profit Formula Live
  • Stompernet Live
  • U.S. State Department

Past Presentation – YouTube Awesome

Popular Topics

  • Podcasting Facts, Fears and Fiction
  • If You’re Not Multicasting, You’re Not Marketing
  • YouTube Awesome: Building A Profitable And Responsive YouTube Channel With No Audience, No Camera and No Content
  • Cross Channel Social Media Marketing: New Game / New Rules / How To Play
  • Kindle Ignite – The Proven Recipe For A Bestselling Amazon Book In 2 Weeks

How I’m Different

  • Custom Presentation For Your Audience – your audience is unique and doesn’t deserve a canned presentation. I refuse to give them one. We’ll work together to make sure your audience gets what they need.
  • Custom Follow Up Plan – if desired (and nobody has turned me down yet), I’ll build a custom resource page, exclusively created for your event participants. It will include access to the presentation slides and direct links to the resources they need to succeed in the topic presented.
  • Custom Promotion – if you believe in (and promote) me, I’ll believe in (and promote) you. Your event will be listed in my Blog and promoted through all of my Social Media connections and channels.

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