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StomperNet Key Links:

StomperNet Ranker – Free tool gives you side-by-side comparisons of how certain terms rank in the top three search engines.

Stomper Scrutinzer – Free eye tracking software for your Website.

I've sure you've heard of Stompernet by now.

I've been a big fan of Brad Fallon for some time now. Man he's smart. Turns out Andy Jenkins bought one of my first ebooks on FrontPage and claims it made him a lot of money.

I'll tell you this, now that I know Andy, I know that the ebook may have helped him master FrontPage – but he made that money by himself.

So, Stompernet, what is it?

Imagine the best of the best all under one roof teaching everything they know.

And, at the same time, using the combined money that comes from an effort this big to buy the tech, pay for the testing, and leverage the power one could only dream of.

That is Stompernet.

WARNING: I've been asked to join the faculty of Stompernet and am seriously thinking about it. It won't mean any changes that this blog though – don't worry.

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