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YouTube And Her Secret Plans For World Domination

It's time for a reality check on YouTube again.

YouTube 1080p. If you haven't yet seen the Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody bit, do so. Once you've done that (you have to be inhuman to not love the Muppets), realize something very important, YOUTUBE IS STREAMING 1080P. This hasn't got the press it should. Who else is streaming content 1080p? Not Hulu.

YouTube Streams U2. If you didn't watch it live, it's all archived. The YouTube stream of the U2 show was incredible and, dear friends, YouTube is “getting into the game.”

YouTube Protects Her Window. The press about the YouTube / Popcorn Hour “conflict” was way overplayed and completely misunderstood by the “sphere.” YouTube isn't denying anyone anything, they're just making sure they can track what goes where. Why would they care? Keep on reading.

YouTube “In Talks” Re Streaming Television. Calling this trend an “iTunes Killer” makes about as much sense as calling anything from Blackberry an “iPhone Killer” – but we need make no mistake here, YouTube is getting into “the game.

Enter Paul's first (and way too easy) prediction for 2010 …

In 2010, YouTube will offer a premium streaming television model that, unlike the other options, will work on the desktop, the phone and the television instantly.

Prediction #2 …

It's gonna rock.

See, they're already there.

iPhone is on the computer. No debates there.

But they're also on every phone that can receive video. Yes, the iPhone has the YouTube app but, … so does Android … and WinMo … and Blackberry … and everything from Nokia (that can do video at least).

And, they all let you enter in your existing YouTube login and password …

But it's not just the desktop and the phone – although this is impressive.

It's also the television set.

Tivo has YouTube.

Apple TV has YouTube.

Lots of television boxes – Popcorn Hour, VuNow, nValeo, Playnow (Powering Wii, Xbox, PS3), and others – all carry YouTube.

Don't forget YouTube XL (made by YouTube for viewing YouTube further away from the computer screen) too.

Oh yeah, there are a bunch of HD television sets and Blu-Ray players that also give you YouTube.

And, they all give you the ability to log in to your account.

Where YouTube ain't?

Computer – check. Television – check. Telephone – check. Anything with a screen – check!

Other than the Roku box (and, oh yes, a piece coming about them very soon), can you name me on connected device capable of playing streaming video that doesn't have YouTube?


Oh, wait a minute, are you on YouTube?

Are You On YouTube?

Here's my YouTube Channel. Where's yours?

Over a year ago I launched YouTube Secret Weapon with Julie Perry. Version 2.0 has been a long time coming and some announcements should be made soon but … we're practically being forced to produce this with the realities of what's ahead.

What Else YouTube?

So, Mark my words, before we see 1/1/11 it will be easier to watch television on YouTube than anything else. Yes, they'll even trump (already have) the ease of use of anything Apple.

With the tracking that YouTube is demanding (go back to that Popcorn Hour thing), they can even give “the industry” what they've been looking for.

With the devices we've already purchased, the only thing we'll have to pay for is access.

And, by the way, when we do the math on that kind of access versus what we're paying for cable, we'll be thrilled.

But, back to the question at hand – and my visions of world domination.

If YouTube makes it so much easier than anyone else to deliver content online, why would we go anywhere else?

You on YouTube?

Am I nuts?

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