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Facebook Buys Instagram For 1 BILLION Dollars

There are only two options here: 1) In a few years we'll be claiming this was an obvious purchase (like when Google bought YouTube) or 2) It's an obvious sign that the coming valuation of Facebook's IPO is going to people's heads and you might want to second guess your purchase of Facebook when she goes public.

Right now, the snarky in me wants to think it's #2.

I love Instagram, but 1 BILLION DOLLARS? Really?

I'd love your thoughts here …

In honor of Make Market Launch (Aff Link), I thought I'd offer my Top 7 things…

In honor of Make Market Launch (Aff Link), I thought I'd offer my Top 7 things I wish I knew "then" about product creation.

#1 – The credibility doesn't have to be mine.

I've made as much money building and launching products where I've partnered with someone else's credibility as with those where I have used my own. Working with +Julie Perry on YouTube Secret Weapon has been a dream. Working with +Michael Koenigs on Instant Customer has been a blast and a half.

#2 – It's what they want, not what I want.

I once had the audacity to launch a product called "Internet Butt Kicking." It was everything I wanted in a product, but NOTHING that my audience wanted. Was as proud of that product as the day was long – yet it didn't sell a copy.

#3 – Charge enough to give it your all.

When you charge enough to give the product your all, you, get this, give the product you all. When you give the product your all, get this, it's much better than when you don't. Charge enough to give the product the attention it deserves. Awesome products come from that. It's also why those Apple products are so cool

#4 – Work smarter, not harder.

I fancy myself, at times, a bit of a Steven Spielberg (except without the father and guilt issues). I like to edit video. I often think I should therefore edit everything. My best products have been edited by someone else. I'm better for it. So is my audience.

#5 – They know how they want it delivered.

Ask them how they want it. They will tell you. Give it to them that way.

#6 – Don't release, LAUNCH.

Apple launches. Hollywood launches. The Millionaires/Billionaires launch. I need to Launch.

#7 – New product doesn't need a new audience.
Starting all over again is SILLY. Your existing list has already said they like buying from you. Let them.

Good luck +Michael Koenigs and +pam hendrickson on your launch. Thrilled to be MCing your event in April.

I hope to catch a few of you there as well. If you are looking to buy this, and do so through my affiliate link – I have a cool little bonus package for you – plus will buy you a meal at the event.

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