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BlogWorld Expo LA 2011 – Some Different Thoughts …

I've been attending and blogging about BlogWorld and New Media Expo for years. Here's a list of my thoughts to date.

I've pondered this posting for a few days now because I want to give something different. To just say “great job Rick and Dave,” although on my mind, doesn't bring value to the conversation.

Bringing value to the conversation … Some people say that is about sharing the love … Here's some love sharing … Here's a piece on the experience, here's 4 takeaways from another blogger, and here's a very well done bit of stats from Radian6.

4 Observations

We're getting over our fear of profit. Above is a picture from the New Media Empires keynote. What a thrill to see some strong (male and female) figures who believe this is not just an industry of passion, but an industry that can and should pay some serious bills – while we remain passionate. I could be under the spell of the Jobs biography right now, but there is a way for these two themes to come together.

Are we all the way there yet? I'll let you read a piece from John Jantsch that struck me as hard as did the panel.

We're realizing we still need a good show. After many years, it looks like the finale / New Media Expo Live event hit the right mix (you can read my past articles if you're missing the importance of that statement). I had to leave 30 minutes into it (so I hope the reviews I read are true) but at the very least it started with a bang. I still question the subconscious belief that New Media equals R rated – but that's me.

Not enough of us have learned that what they leave with is what they remember the most. For your viewing pleasure, I've embedded a recording of the first part of the event below. Not for the kiddies – but by no means not without value.

Not enough of us have realized that we need to stop looking for leadership. I did get tired of the “where is X?” questions and the “Y should be here comments.” Here's the deal – YES THEY SHOULD – BUT THEY WEREN'T.

Cool thing was, there were a bunch of companies who were there. Did you tell them thanks for their support? Did you buy something from them (that is why they're there)? Did you encourage them to come back next year?

We are the leadership. A few ago some of the biggest speakers were just figuring out what all this meant – now they're talking about New Media Empires and radically changing the advertising landscape. Actually, they're not just talking bout it, they're doing it.

The difference between the “big names” and everyone else? Talent? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Passion? Nope. Luck? Not a chance.

The success stories have taken leadership – and quickly became our leaders.

Cool thing is, BlogWorld and New Media Expo provided that platform for them to do so.

In the history of business (and it is business friends), I've never seen such an opportunity.

Tell that to the sponsors that didn't show up. Tweet that to your associates who didn't see the value. Ponder that as you make plans for 2012.

Video from the closing keynote – not for the kiddies …

P.s., thanks Rick and Dave!

BlogWorld And New Media Expo 2011 Los Angeles – What Would You Like To See In The Digital Broadcasting Track?

The proposals are slowly coming in for BlogWorld And New Media Expo 2011 (West). They're due Friday) and now, as your Digital Broadcasting Track Director, I get to pick what you all get to see.

I don't take this task lightly. Lot of work will be put into making this the best possible event I can make it.

But, I'd love to hear from you …

What are the topics you are interested in (at least in terms of the Digital Broadcasting content)? YouTube? Podcasting? Alternative hosting options? Mobile? Apps? Audio recording in the field? Who would you like to hear from? Industry professionals raking in the big dough? People just like you? Day jobbers? Seasoned veterans? What level of information are you looking for? Beginner? Medium? Way advanced? Am I missing anything? Are there any other questions I should be asking?

I really want to know what YOU want. Please leave your comments and suggestions below. Everything submitted will be taken very seriously.

BlogWorld And New Media Expo East And West (Was Leaving Las Vegas)

If you haven't heard the news, 2011 brings us TWO BlogWorld and New Media Expos – one in New York City and one in Los Angeles.

New York City is in conjunction with Book Expo America, the default/defacto ‘old school' book publishing event for the world. The Los Angeles event is in Hollywood – the default/defacto center of ‘old school' (Western) media.

We've come a long way from us all fitting in the Ontario Marriott Hotel Bar, haven't we?

As can be expected with any event dedicated to Blogging and New Media (oh, wait a minute, this is the ONLY event dedicated to Blogging and New Media), there are some Blogger and New Media “experts” with complaints. They focus on the splintering of the audience and the expense of New York City.

Let's hit these first.

Re the splintering of the event – not hard – come to both. If your New Media business is made on the connections you make at events like these (mine sure is), these events mean twice the connections. If you're in this for the face to face time with the people that matter, come to both.

By the way, if you're into this only for the training, rumor is they're going to have some very cool options in that option as well. As much as I'd like to see you there, if you're only attending for the presos, there are always much cheaper ways.

Re the expense of New York City – also not hard – Yup, she's expensive. Maybe you should attend a few more sessions of the monetization track. My 72 year old Father not only had his first thousand dollar month last month from his blog but also DOMINATES several keywords in Google related to his topic and New York (especially after the Google changes last month). He's seriously considering attending and writing the whole thing off. If my Dad can figure this out …

Here's a great piece by Wade Kwon on deciding if you should attend.

The Book Expo America connection is amazing. The world of dead tree printing is watching our space like a hawk. Imagine how awesome this event will be. As I write this, Brendon Burchard's Millionaire Messenger is currently #1 in Amazon. By the way, that number is just the after affects of a buzz campaign he started a few weeks back (the Amazon campaign actually doesn't start until Thursday). Also charting is Vaynerchuck's The Thank You Economy (currently in the top 200 in books) – and it doesn't release until tomorrow. Yes, the Amazon links are affiliate links.

Yes, our two worlds are colliding.

Now, let's talk Hollywood.

BlogWorld and New Media Expo Hollywood … things get really interesting there. When Apple releases their $500 HD video editing machine this Friday (iPad 2 with iMovie), it will only go further to prove what Hollywood already knows – they don't hold the keys anymore.

Right now the stories that make the press are New Media types who get their big Old Media “break.” I predict very soon, we'll be hearing stories of Old Media types getting their New Media “break.”

Adam Corolla misses his radio days, right? Poor poor Felicia Day can't get work since Buffy so she's slumming it on a Web Series (insert grin here). I could tell story after story after story.

As I'm sure could you.

As Kwon puts it, “the conference has grown up.” As much as I still look back at my high school days with fond memories (and more pictures than I'd care to admit exist thanks to Facebook), I like being an adult.

And I like the direction BlogWorld and New Media Expo is going.

How about you?

BlogWorld 2010 Takehomes

This won't be anywhere near as critical as last year's post because, simply, things have changed. We have grown up, are a bit more focused, are a little less obsessed with the good old days, and are on our way to the truly awesome. A few thoughts:

  • There is no new media / long live new media. I think it was Penn who told us all that THERE IS NO NEW MEDIA. Where I completely agree with what he had to say, I had to laugh that it was New Media that made his comment possible. We do have something very different here and as soon as we understand what it all means, we're going to be in some pretty amazing places. Confused yet? You should be. I still am, and this is something we have to sort out. There was more conversation from my peers about silly semantics of the “dropping of the word Podcasting” or the “confusion of the term digital broadcasting” than anyone needed to hear. Why don't we figure out what this stuff means, and then we can give it a name. Goal of BlogWorld is to stuff as many people as is humanly possible into these classrooms so we can do amazing things together. We had private membership site owners in the real estate blogging sessions and we had Mommy Bloggers in my YouTube panel. Awesome.
  • We got friends with a little help to get by from. I didn't hear a single person, from any format or company, afraid that someone would ‘steal' their ideas or techniques. The sharing and mastermind of thousands at this event was off the charts and it is something you should be striving for at all costs. If you're trying to sell your boss on this next year, forget pushing anything but this simple statement “the best of the best are all there and they're willing to help.” If your boss doesn't see the value of that, start surfing Craigslist. There are just too many options to make scarcity a variable.
  • BlogWorld needs to provide a better big picture. We're writing the future, we're learning from the best and we're leaving Vegas with more actionable knowledge than we ever thought was possible. Yet, I saw too many people confused as to what sessions “were for them” and where they should be at any given time. @dave_blogworld gets this, told me some of his plans for handling it, and I want to be a part. To all session speakers and track directors, let's work together to give everyone a killer action plan for 2011.
  • Bonus: Here's a killer idea for a party next year. BlogWorld needs her parties and I won't begrudge her that but one designed a bit more for the social and a bit less for the party could be the runaway hit of 2011. This isn't a “turn down the music you darn kids” kinda comment, this is just a real piece of strategery (yes, I said strategery) that someone should grab next year. Imagine the buzz a party would get where deals were inked, partnerships made, and futures created. In short, make talking and networking a bigger focus than the music and … awesome.

I'm, as they say in Vegas, “All In” next year. I hope you'll join me. Your thoughts? Your comments? Your take homes? Please leave them in the comments below.

My BlogWorld 2010 Plans (And Recommendations)

It is time once again. I'm Vegas bound next week for BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010 and wanted to highlight a few places I'll be and make a few recommendations.

  • Where I'll be. BlogWorld runs an online scheduling entity that I've played with. It's not bad and you can see the scheduled events I'm planning on attending here. The other can't miss event event will be our 7th annual Profitable Podcaster Meetup. Yes, it's early, but oh it is worth it. If you are part of the NMIC or a Podcast Secrets Alumni, you'll get your invite for our Wednesday night meetup as well. That's at 9pm for all who come in later that night.
  • A few recommendations. I know Vegas is fun (and these days crazy cheap) but if you want to network and learn, you have to show up (and be somewhat awake). Pace yourself, drink lots of water, consider a veggie now and then. Write a list of three things you want to accomplish and, accomplish them. Consider attending a preso that you might not think is for you (learned a lot from the Mommy Bloggers last year).
  • The Superpanel (plus prizes). If Andrew, Kent and Julie weren't enough, we've giving away more than a thousand dollars worth of geek product to the audience. Don't worry nothing download, true Geek Gear that you could order from Amazon.

What are your plans for BlogWorld? Will we meet up? Will I see you at my SuperPanel? Will you win one of the prizes?