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Weekend Roundup – Having Too Much Fun With YouTube Edition

Some YouTube fun for you:

1 – I’ve put together a Panel for BlogWorld and New Media Expo on YouTube. The working title is “YouTube: Personality, Process and Profits.” I honestly picked my top three choices for the panel and asked them first and, dear friends, they all said yes. I’m suddenly a lot more excited about the BlogWorld and New Media Expo than I’ve been in a long time and I invite you to attend as well. “Epic” is a good word as is “Killer.”

That second word might be too much of a hint. Anybody want to guess before the big announcement?

2 – I wanted to do a demo /case study of fun engaging video content using nothing more than the video camera on my Mac and came out with this video embedded below. If you want to participate in the massive giveaway (props to Leslie for putting up with my madness), you’ll need to visit the SEO Training With Leslie Rohde video directly and make your comments there.

P.s., you want a better chance of winning, do vote early and often and tell your friends. Leslie saw the power of viral in what we did here and he’s into this and will deliver.

3 – Sure, Google Instant is cool, but have you seen YouTube Instant?

4 – Been playing with lately and finally “get it” (or at least part of it). I put the Leslie Rohde free giveaway video over there as well and am enjoying the stats an functionality Mag.Ma gives me. Still haven’t totally grasped the possibilities of what this site has to offer but am very intrigued. Here’s a direct link to the explanation video embedded below. I’d love your thoughts on this one as well.

5 – Have you heard of this whole “Literal Music Videos” meme on YouTube? I haven’t laughed this hard in a LONG time. I’ve embedded a play list of a few of my favorite below. You’ll get the idea pretty quickly – just do me a favor and wait for the wrenches.

Have a great weekend.