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Social Profit Formula 2.0 – Why I’m (Still) Giving Away A Free iPad And What You Can Learn From It

When Don Crowther launched Social Profit Formula last year, I was a tricky little guy and snagged the Social Profit Formula channel at YouTube. I then leveraged a few videos and sold a lot of the product. The goal was to show people how using nothing but video and YouTube, you can actually do some real sales. It did well, quite well. Man, I love affiliate marketing.

Since then, I gave control of the YouTube Channel back to Don. I’m sneaky, but still a friend.

I also, as you can tell from the video below (here’s the direct link to the free iPad for Social Profit Formula video on YouTube if you can’t see the embed below), gave away a bunch of iPads. I gave away so many that Apple actually cancelled a bunch of my orders because I was buying too many.

Don is now launching Version 2.0 of his Social Profit Formula program. I’m actually heading to San Diego on Wednesday to be part of his live Webcast. Schedule is I should be on live at 3p Pacific, and I’ll be talking about YouTube (I know, surprise).

P.s., (click over here to help shape my presentation by giving me a “magic phrase”).

But, now the reason for the title of this Blog Posting … I’m a good enough marketer that I’ve already sold a number of Don’s Program without offering an iPad this round. And, as anyone who can do math knows, a good chunk of the profit goes to paying for the iPads (and shipping). But, I realized I had an even cooler chance to show the power of evergreen video this round.

The video above isn’t new for SPF 2.0. It’s the old video from last year (I had to reset up those redirect links) and, you know what, … I’m gonna sell a lot more.

What you can learn from it … THINK LONG TERM ABOUT YOUR VIDEO. I haven’t uploaded a thing for this round yet will be seeing a nice little check for months to come from Don as a result of something I did over a year ago. Honestly, when I put the video up, I wasn’t thinking about version 2 (iPad, or Social Profit Formula), but when I looked at the video a few minutes back I realized that, yeah, this is a lot of fun.

Obviously, I’m a fan of Don Crowther and the Social Profit Formula. Obviously a few of you will pick it up through my link to grab their free iPad. However, … for even more of you, there’s a lesson here …

YouTube is here to stay. Create videos here to stay as well …

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