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Losing Weight – Social Media Style

Like many of you, I've made a few new years resolutions.

But, unlike most of you (as well as myself in the past), I'll keep mine.

Enter, dear friends, the power of losing weight – social media style.

It's a three point plan:

Point 1 – Go In With A Clear (Proven) Strategy. I'm going Slow Carb ala Tim Ferriss and The Four Hour Body.

Tim Ferriss And Paul Colligan

It's quite the book, quite the diet, quite the way of looking at life. Not only does the slow card diet make a lot of sense (and don't worry, I've done some initial testing on myself already) but he writes of (when making changes) to making it conscious, a game, competitive, and small and effective. Here is my take on these four things:

Conscious – Everything I eat in this 7 week journey will be posted at this Posterous Blog called “What I'm Eating.

A Game – Here's my game with you. Every time I forget to post a meal (or anything I eat), I'll produce a YouTube video on the Internet Marketing topic of your choice. Any videos you'd like to see (again, they'll only be made if I miss a posting)?

Competitive – Here's where it gets personal for me. I've set up an account at where I am tracking the intimate details with some dear friends who are keeping me accountable. I've pledged $50 for every week that I don't meet my goals to be spent on the charity of choice as chosen by this group. Got a group you'd like to see get my money? Vote on it below? Of course, I have no intention of paying out a dime but competition keeps these things alive.

Small and effective – I'm going for 7 weeks this round. Why seven weeks? It's a clear small goal. Also, at the end of these seven weeks is Brendon Burchard's Expert's Academy Event where I'll be sharing the stage with some incredible people – including Brendon and Dr. Wayne Dyer. I want to look as good as I can and be as healthy as possible for the event. Motivation is never bad.

Point 2 – Have Clear Goals. 21 pounds. 3 pounds a week. Nuff said. WIthout clear goals, things don't happen – weight loss or otherwise.

Point 3 – Track Everything (Socially If Possible). Although my StickK specifics are closed to the general public (and only accessible to a close inner circle of friends), the food photojournal is wide open and, of course, the choice of charity and topics for trainings if I miss anything is all yours.

I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that I'm a bit hesitant to hit the Publish button on this post but, once she's out there, there is no going back. The pain of looking bad, producing a bunch of videos for free and paying out money to a charity I don't really agree with should certainly focus me in a way I've never been before.

And social media is keeping me honest. Between the public declaration here on this blog, the food photoblog and the StickK account, there's no going back.

How cool is that?