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How To Podcast

Well I finally did it, How To Podcast is now available for sale wherever fine books are sold.

This one was a blast to put together. I think you'll enjoy it …

If you want direct links, here are a few of the places that have it available right now. More are coming online.

Podcast Secrets Testimonial – George Kedourie – George Kedourie took Podcast Secrets from the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain. Not only does he give a great testimonial for the Podcast Secrets program, he also gives a glowing demonstration, in both picture and sound, about the power of time shifted media content. As you can tell from the testimonial, he learned more than just how to Podcast with our program.

Podcast Secrets Testimonial – Dan Hollings (The Twenius) – Traffic From Podcasting Dan Hollings is the Twenius and the Twenius understanding getting traffic. Dan knows the content in Podcast Secrets and gives this course his highest recommendation. It's not just how to Podcast, and how to make money from Podcasting – but how to get traffic from your Podcasting efforts.

Podcast Secrets Testimonial – Jamie Davis – The Podmedic – Medicast, Medicast Live, Etc. – Jamie Davis is an EXPERIENCED Podcaster who had a tremendous amount (years) of Podcast experience under his belt. Jamie was struggling with the monetization of his shows (he knows how to Podcast) and left Podcast Secrets with a plan for his Podcasting business. Will you join Jamie Davis, and others like him, for Podcast Secrets this year?