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Uncensored – Review

Review originally published at Google Plus.

Club 52 – Paul's (Short) Review Of Uncensored (by +Hunter Walk and +Eric Ries )

NOTE: Uncensored is not a “traditional” book. It is a “A Charitable Project to Support The Open Internet” made of “blog posts – some old, some new – from many names familiar to you and hopefully some new voices.” Profits from the project will be donated to the EFF. There is a link to the project at the bottom of this posting. It was made available in all the formats, so I did read it on my Kindle.

So, word of the “Uncensored” project crossed my path a few weeks ago. I wanted to make it part of Club 52 for a number of a reasons. Whereas, yes, all the content has been made available elsewhere, not only did I benefit from it, but the EFF got a few bucks as well.

I was familiar with many of the writers – but learned of a few great minds out there that I am now following / have circled / etc.

Here are my big take homes:

+Alexia Tsotsis' piece on “Keeping Up With The Normals” is the best thing I've ever read on the way the digerati often loses sense of the reality they're trying to change. Best line – “… can't ignore Normals just because you're really smart.”

+Caterina Fake's “FOMO and Social Media” will haunt me next time I'm at an event with a lot of social media types.

+Danah Boyd's “Social Steganography” should be required reading for any parent who lets their kids use an Internet connected device (i.e., all parents).

+Dave McClure's “Subscriptions are the New BLACK” reminded me, again, of why I love that man so much. Not for the kiddies – but true true true true true. Got a “big idea” for the Internet? Run it through this thing first.

+Hunter Walk's “Sorry Mike” is dead on. Hunter's Rule is right. Read it.

+Joel Spolsky's “Two thing about SOPA/PIPA & then I'll shut up :-)” was also a great read but the fact that it was originally published on his Google+ feed (and not a Blog) gave me an added boost of confidence that my recent publishing strategies are at least pointed in the right direction. +Tim O'Reilly's SOPA/PIPA piece (also good) had the same origination.

A good read. Worth the money. Mind is still spinning from a few of these. I'm pretty sure it will have the same effect on you.

Link to the Uncensored project –

One of my new years declarations was that I'd read a book every week. Join me on this journey?

Rent Your Content Via YouTube

I've been warning/writing/saying that this was coming for a long time now. Looks like things are getting even closer. In a recent Media Post article, we learn that Hunter Walk (head of product management at YouTube) is now speaking publicly of a “self-service method that will give moviemakers the ability to upload and provide their streaming content for rent” on our favorite video hosting service.

Now, we know video renting is live at YouTube.

We know YouTube on the Phone and on the TV both have the ability to enter in your account information.

Renting across all three screens is coming people, trust me …

What should you do about it? Well, the information marketers and content producers of this audience should consider what it would/could mean to have their content on the worlds biggest Internet Video Distribution platform for computer, television and telephone for rent.

And those without content might want to consider producing some.

Shameless self promotion: Thank goodness YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0 is so near launch it isn't even funny. If you want to get on the early bird list, fill out the form over at the site.