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BlogWorld Expo LA 2011 – Some Different Thoughts …

I've been attending and blogging about BlogWorld and New Media Expo for years. Here's a list of my thoughts to date.

I've pondered this posting for a few days now because I want to give something different. To just say “great job Rick and Dave,” although on my mind, doesn't bring value to the conversation.

Bringing value to the conversation … Some people say that is about sharing the love … Here's some love sharing … Here's a piece on the experience, here's 4 takeaways from another blogger, and here's a very well done bit of stats from Radian6.

4 Observations

We're getting over our fear of profit. Above is a picture from the New Media Empires keynote. What a thrill to see some strong (male and female) figures who believe this is not just an industry of passion, but an industry that can and should pay some serious bills – while we remain passionate. I could be under the spell of the Jobs biography right now, but there is a way for these two themes to come together.

Are we all the way there yet? I'll let you read a piece from John Jantsch that struck me as hard as did the panel.

We're realizing we still need a good show. After many years, it looks like the finale / New Media Expo Live event hit the right mix (you can read my past articles if you're missing the importance of that statement). I had to leave 30 minutes into it (so I hope the reviews I read are true) but at the very least it started with a bang. I still question the subconscious belief that New Media equals R rated – but that's me.

Not enough of us have learned that what they leave with is what they remember the most. For your viewing pleasure, I've embedded a recording of the first part of the event below. Not for the kiddies – but by no means not without value.

Not enough of us have realized that we need to stop looking for leadership. I did get tired of the “where is X?” questions and the “Y should be here comments.” Here's the deal – YES THEY SHOULD – BUT THEY WEREN'T.

Cool thing was, there were a bunch of companies who were there. Did you tell them thanks for their support? Did you buy something from them (that is why they're there)? Did you encourage them to come back next year?

We are the leadership. A few ago some of the biggest speakers were just figuring out what all this meant – now they're talking about New Media Empires and radically changing the advertising landscape. Actually, they're not just talking bout it, they're doing it.

The difference between the “big names” and everyone else? Talent? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Passion? Nope. Luck? Not a chance.

The success stories have taken leadership – and quickly became our leaders.

Cool thing is, BlogWorld and New Media Expo provided that platform for them to do so.

In the history of business (and it is business friends), I've never seen such an opportunity.

Tell that to the sponsors that didn't show up. Tweet that to your associates who didn't see the value. Ponder that as you make plans for 2012.

Video from the closing keynote – not for the kiddies …

P.s., thanks Rick and Dave!