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My BlogWorld 2010 Plans (And Recommendations)

It is time once again. I’m Vegas bound next week for BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010 and wanted to highlight a few places I’ll be and make a few recommendations.

  • Where I’ll be. BlogWorld runs an online scheduling entity that I’ve played with. It’s not bad and you can see the scheduled events I’m planning on attending here. The other can’t miss event event will be our 7th annual Profitable Podcaster Meetup. Yes, it’s early, but oh it is worth it. If you are part of the NMIC or a Podcast Secrets Alumni, you’ll get your invite for our Wednesday night meetup as well. That’s at 9pm for all who come in later that night.
  • A few recommendations. I know Vegas is fun (and these days crazy cheap) but if you want to network and learn, you have to show up (and be somewhat awake). Pace yourself, drink lots of water, consider a veggie now and then. Write a list of three things you want to accomplish and, accomplish them. Consider attending a preso that you might not think is for you (learned a lot from the Mommy Bloggers last year).
  • The Superpanel (plus prizes). If Andrew, Kent and Julie weren’t enough, we’ve giving away more than a thousand dollars worth of geek product to the audience. Don’t worry nothing download, true Geek Gear that you could order from Amazon.

What are your plans for BlogWorld? Will we meet up? Will I see you at my SuperPanel? Will you win one of the prizes?

BlogWorld Killer YouTube Panel

I’ve been part of the Digital Broadcast Committee for BlogWorld And New Media Expo with a team of scary smart people (with Jeffery Powers of GeekAZine at the helm). We are the ones who put together the digital broadcast track content for the event and I like what we’ve done so far. Today I’m thrilled to announce the YouTube Panel scheduled for 330p on Saturday, October 16th. I hope to see you there.

YouTube: Process, Personalities and Profits

This ain’t your Father’s YouTube. 1080p HD video, live streaming, more than a billion subscription notices a week and partners making six figures a year are just a few highlights of what’s NOW. Learn the processes required to be part of this game and the profits possible from a superstar panel made up of Andrew Baron from, Kent Nichols from, and Julie Perry of Panel Host Paul Colligan will guide you through a lightening fast (but accessible) look at how you can profitably bring your content to the YouTube Screen.

Andrew Baron is creator of the groundbreaking web videoblog, Rocketboom. After receiving a B.A. in Philosophy from Bates College in Maine, Andrew graduated with an M.F.A. in Design and Technology in 2003 from Parsons in New York City. While teaching at Parsons and MIT in 2004, the idea for Rocketboom came to him, inspired by the implication of the democratization of the medium. Andrew currently serves as CEO and Creative Director to the company, which has expanded to include 5 shows, including the award winning Know Your Meme, and a new video discovery platform,

In 2005, Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine created the pioneering web series Ask A Ninja. Since then, the series has been viewed over 140 million times, quoted on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, featured in the New York Times Magazine and won numerous awards, including the first YouTube Award for Best Series. In October 2010, Ask A Ninja relaunched with daily content on YouTube and at

Julie Perry is the Social Media Director at BLASTmedia public relations firm where she oversees YouTube channels and campaigns for over 12 diverse clients. Her YouTube career began as the creator, writer and host of TheBoaters TV video blog in 2007, where she has received over 800,000 views on YouTube alone. Julie is also a contributing author to “Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars,” published by Entrepreneur Press in August 2010.

Paul Colligan (moderator) helps busy people leverage the technologies of new media to get their message out to more people, with less effort, and for greater profit. He is CEO of Inc. and manages several popular Internet properties that include YouTube Secret Weapon, Automate Sales, The New Media Inner Circle, and

What I Learned From Producing An Eight Hour Webinar About YouTube

Webinars have become my favorite mode of content creation. They are the perfect live platform for the New Media Content Creation Model and can be done from anywhere in the world (with an Internet connection, of course).

Two days ago I did an 8-hour Webinar with Julie Perry of YouTube Secret Weapon fame. I killed a LOT of birds with that single stone (one day that will be a blog posting of her own) but I learned a number of things along the way that I thought I’d share here.

Webinars are as subject to the whims of Murphy’s law as are everything else. At the home office I have Verizon FIOS – screaming Internet connectivity that can easily handle this – and more. I lost access once during the day and GotoWebinar had a few problems during the day that not only were, well, problems, but came up on the screen recordings we took here. By having an external recording of the event made, we should be able to produce a great video. Also, my MiFi as backup gave not only sense of mind, but saved the day.

Spam is making legitimate email communication harder and harder. Now, I’ll admit that my copy (and directions) writing and is not the best, but a LOT of people didn’t get the mail that put them into the queue. For whatever reason (and there are lots of them), I’m going to have to figure out a new workflow for this kind of thing that includes (probably) a personal check in from my assistant for people who don’t confirm in the first hour.

People will sit through an 8 hour Webinar. Of the hundreds who purchased, many bought to get the recordings and had no intention of showing up for the live event (some people have better things to do with their Saturdays). But of those who showed up, we saw more than 80% of them make it to then end. Those are the same stats I see on a traditional Webinar. A past mentor once told me “the mind can only take in as much as the butt can endure.” I’m not quite sure how to translate that to this crowd.

The New Media Content Creation Model rocks. The promise of this Webinar was 6 hours (or more) with Julie before she took a day job somewhere else that would prevent her from doing things like this in the future. We delivered that well. Good money was made on the event but … the recordings will be leveraged and sold as a product later. In truth, as happy as I was with Saturday’s profit, but what we do with the results of Saturday will, I am almost certain, make me more money than Saturday did. The pressures of 3 digits of people watching the event live pumped the adrenaline needed to produce the show we did.

Upsells always make sense. We gave everyone who bought the chance to buy the DVDs of the event in a one-time-offer (I love Premiumcast). The revenue from what most would call an ‘afterthought’ paid for the video editing, the dvd creation, the dvd artwork, and mailing the dvds to everyone who bought. How great is that?

I’ve been asked if I’d do a Webinar on how I used Premiumcast to run the ecommerce for this and a few since Saturday have asked if I could also teach how we pulled of the Webinar, recordings, backups, etc. We’ll see what we can pull off. If you’d like to see these, please let me know in the comments below.

What are your thoughts on Webinars as revenue generators?

YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0 – Julie’s Last Hurrah Julie Perry of YouTube Secret Weapon recently accepted a high profile job as the Social Media Director for Blast Media. As a result, we’ll picking picking Julie’s brain dry on a final all-day Webinar for YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0. All of the details (plus ordering) can be found at – Updates – Free Webinar To Maximize The New Channel Pages YouTube keeps getting bigger and bigger (as well as more and more important). Here are a few trends in YouTube that we’ve been noticing (1080p, “big” names, focus on television content, etc.) and a chance to join us for a free webinar on maximizing the new YouTube Channel Page formats. Send a blank email to for more details.