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Seesmic Buys – Good For Everyone

Of all the news that came out around and at CES, the one that gets the award for “most important” (in my space at least), was the acquisition of by Seesmic. I've been a huge fan of since day one and their purchase means they're going to survive in this space. Awesome.

For those not familiar with, they're a service that allows you to, with a single post, update dozens of social networking update sites. They've had some nice integration with popular tools in the past that has made it a no-brainer for anyone with an uberpublishing strategy. Here at, I have it tied into my and accounts and have both Tweetie on my iPhone and UberSyndicator on the desktop making the service part of my everyday, multiple times a day, communication workflow. Give it a try, if you haven't already.

At the CES Showstoppers Event, I spent some time with both CEO Loic Le Meur and Community Evangelist John Yamasaki. They both assured me that Seesmic is both on a fast path to get the product integrated into all element of Seesmic – but they are also going to continue to grow Ping as a product and service that others are allows to use. Loic personally called some of the top players (and competitors to Seesmic) to assure them nothing would change in their relationships. Classy, and very smart. Loic also gave me some insight into where Seesmic is going as a company, and, well, dear friends … you need to keep your eye on them (or keep reading this blog).

I always liked the groove of Seesmic, but the opportunities provided to me by some of the other players kept me from moving over. That changes this week.

Oh, rumor is 3 weeks to the release of the iPhone app. Got a sneak peek of that as well. Awesome.