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Amazing Video Makes Important Point

Mike Koenigs just launched the final video for his Mainstreet Marketing Machines campaign (yes, that was an affiliate link, if you'd like to visit without my cookie, click here). Watch it.

40% of the top ten in Google in 48 hours.

Yes, you can do this without Mike's program. It's a training system / business in a box over there but what I want to examine today is the reality of what this video MEANS.

I had dinner a few days back with a friend who was telling me how much money his company had spent on SEO.

Imagine what he could have done with a well placed video or two.

Mike's teaching others how to place a video or two online so that their customers will pay them some of that consulting money.

All for a well placed video or two.

Think about this – it isn't hard – a page of results and one of them is a video. Which one would you (do you) click on?

What could your company do with a well placed video or two?

What could you do with a well placed video or two?

When will you place this videos? What is stopping you?

You saw the results Mike got. When will you see the same for yourself?

Weekend Roundup: New Ways To Think About Internet Marketing Edition

Are you noticing the trend of more “realistic” views on the whole Internet Marketing thing?

yeah, realism, it's the “new black.”