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Did Facebook Bring Us Email 2.0?

As per AllFacebook and TechCrunch, Facebook is launching a “modern messaging” system that brings the world a “social inbox.”

What does this mean? Among other things, you can go email to instant message and back again. The platform finally means nothing as it all comes into their universal inbox.

But it's a little bigger than that.

Let me explain: I, personally, prefer email. There are others who don't. I've said from day 1 that “Web 2.0” is meeting people on their terms. This is how we bring messaging into the 2.0 world – on their terms. I can do email, my brother can text, my Mom can message on Facebook, you get the idea – and it all comes into this same universal inbox.

That's one place to check, one place to respond, awesome.

Zuck said “This isn't an email killer, this is a messaging system that has email as part of it.” When asked about audio or video being put into the system, he said simply that the focus is more about getting the existing communication pieces into one area than it is about doing something new.

Remember, you can use this system without a email address – that's the point …

They're rolling this out over the next few months. He mentioned that everyone will get a Facebook email address with their current user name. They also promised IMAP soon.

I think it's email 2.0 … What do you think?