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Get An Answer – Feed A Family – About (My Facebook) Answers Day

It's December and I'm going to mix some good-old-fashioned testing with some good-old-fashioned holiday giving. I welcome you to join me.

I've got a bunch of theories about Facebook that need to be put to the test. My goal is to do that tomorrow, December 3rd. I'll post the results here once I bring them all together.

The idea is simple. You got questions about this space – New Media, YouTube, Podcasting, Product Creation, Internet Marketing? Ask them on my Facebook page between 9a and 430p Pacific on 12/3/2009. I do what I can to answer all of them.

The Public Paul Colligan page at Facebook is here.

I've got the whole day put aside for this and hope to take the whole day participating.

What do I want from you? $1 (or more, if you're so inclined) for the Oregon Food Bank. You can donate to them directly or just send $1 (again, more more) to my PayPal account.

$1 for an answer – feed a family in the process.

And, join me for some stats soon on how the whole thing panned out – and if my hunches were right about Facebook.

Questions about the process? Enter them in the comment section below.

Questions for me to answer? Post them at Facebook starting 830a (Pacific on 12/3).

Get an answer, feed a family, pay a buck.

Just don't tell me few remaining consulting clients?

Update: I'm not sure what the results on this will be but … if you RSVP here, I'll promise to answer at least one of your questions.