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Pitch Anything Review

This review first appeared in the Club 52 Page at Google Plus.

Club 52 – Paul’s (Short) Review Of Pitch Anything (by Oren Klaff)

Full disclosure – I’ve met Oren on two difference occasions and he has participated in a profitable venture I am involved with. Part of the reason for that venture was because of how much I loved the book.

The idea of “pitching” – and yes, pitching “anything” scares me. I’m not good at sales – yet do it in my business as what I probably would have called a “necessary evil” until having read this book.

Actually, back in full disclosure, this has been my second time through the book in a few months.

This book is not only worth all the hype – but actually worth, in my opinion, more.

Unlike other books I’ve read this year with the theme of “nothing really changes, here’s how technology plays into what’s been happening for a long time” – this book is about how this new age and new time has, simply, changed the nature of the pitch.

You pitch old school, and it doesn’t work anymore. You probably knew that already – but what is the answer to this new age?

Enter “Pitch Anything.”

A word of encouragement from Oren:

“We are hardwired to be bad at pitching. It is caused by the way our brains evolved.”

The hard reality the books deals with:

“We assume that our audience will do what we want them to do if our idea is good, if we didn’t stumble through the pitch, and if we showed a winning personality. Turns out, it doesn’t work that way.”

We all kinda knew that, didn’t we 😉

The big idea of the book is FRAMES. You frame the pitch, the environment of the pitch, the psychology of the pitch, etc. inside of proven techniques that give you every advantage.

The cool thing is, isn’t is a book of funky mind tricks with elements of psychological warfare, it’s a text about having the right story, having something worth “pitching,” not wasting anyone’s time during the pitching process and more. These are the things I can get behind. It’s about understanding that very “attention” the social media types love to talk on and on about.

In the top level, a great read, with some great stories (turns out he once worked with one of my old bosses). On a deeper level, this is my text book for the next pitch I make.

When I make that next pitch – I’m gonna bet 2 things

1 – I’ll do much better than I have in the past.

2 – I will have read this thing a few more times between now and then.

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One of my new years declarations was that I’d read a book every week. Join me on this journey?