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Does Klout Matter?

Klout?Have you heard of

Concept is simple – everybody get's a Klout “score” that reflects how much clout (don't get me started on the those wacky 2.0 names) someone has in the social space. Those numbers can be used to figure out which people you want to pay more attention to.

Klout is tied into all sorts of systems. Hootsuite has made it part of their interface. When seeing what's being said about you, you can actually see the strength of the person saying it.

hootsuite has kloutHow does someone get a Klout score? Part of it is an automatic algorithm. Part of it is a simple system where people can assign Klout points to others (through the site as well). Wanna see this in action? Try this link … Heck, feel free to assign me some “Klout” along the way.

What can you do with Klout (other than impress your other social media friends)? There is a whole Klout “Perks” system where you can leverage your points to get some free samples and discounts. Past “Perks” have included samples of designer water and free cards from

So, the question is this. Does Klout “matter?” Forget the questions of whether or not their algoritm is any good – I wonder if you can actually give a numeric number to someone's social influence. I appreciate what they've tried to do but I honestly just wonder if it is in fact working.

So I bring to you this question, … does Klout(.com) “matter?”

This could (should) get interesting …