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Social Profit Formula 2.0 – Why I’m (Still) Giving Away A Free iPad And What You Can Learn From It

When Don Crowther launched Social Profit Formula last year, I was a tricky little guy and snagged the Social Profit Formula channel at YouTube. I then leveraged a few videos and sold a lot of the product. The goal was to show people how using nothing but video and YouTube, you can actually do some real sales. It did well, quite well. Man, I love affiliate marketing.

Since then, I gave control of the YouTube Channel back to Don. I’m sneaky, but still a friend.

I also, as you can tell from the video below (here’s the direct link to the free iPad for Social Profit Formula video on YouTube if you can’t see the embed below), gave away a bunch of iPads. I gave away so many that Apple actually cancelled a bunch of my orders because I was buying too many.

Don is now launching Version 2.0 of his Social Profit Formula program. I’m actually heading to San Diego on Wednesday to be part of his live Webcast. Schedule is I should be on live at 3p Pacific, and I’ll be talking about YouTube (I know, surprise).

P.s., (click over here to help shape my presentation by giving me a “magic phrase”).

But, now the reason for the title of this Blog Posting … I’m a good enough marketer that I’ve already sold a number of Don’s Program without offering an iPad this round. And, as anyone who can do math knows, a good chunk of the profit goes to paying for the iPads (and shipping). But, I realized I had an even cooler chance to show the power of evergreen video this round.

The video above isn’t new for SPF 2.0. It’s the old video from last year (I had to reset up those redirect links) and, you know what, … I’m gonna sell a lot more.

What you can learn from it … THINK LONG TERM ABOUT YOUR VIDEO. I haven’t uploaded a thing for this round yet will be seeing a nice little check for months to come from Don as a result of something I did over a year ago. Honestly, when I put the video up, I wasn’t thinking about version 2 (iPad, or Social Profit Formula), but when I looked at the video a few minutes back I realized that, yeah, this is a lot of fun.

Obviously, I’m a fan of Don Crowther and the Social Profit Formula. Obviously a few of you will pick it up through my link to grab their free iPad. However, … for even more of you, there’s a lesson here …

YouTube is here to stay. Create videos here to stay as well …

$16488.97 CPM On A YouTube Screencast Video With No Voice Work (Let Alone Camera Work) – Or $766.32 Per Second Of (Poorly Produced) Clip

Running the numbers is always fun.

So, how did the Social Profit Formula YouTube experiment go? How does more than $16,000.00 in sales for every thousand views sound to you? That would be a $16488 CPM – if that’s the language you want to use.

You could also look at it as more than $766 sold per second of clip – even though that clip was a screengrab of a Keynote Presentation designed in less than 2 minutes. We didn’t have time for voice over so we just used the audio swap feature of YouTube for the background music. It is from some band called “Momentary Sound Action” – and twas 100% legal. Love it.

Now let’s be totally complete here in these numbers. It’s an affiliate play (so I didn’t have to create my own product) – so I only take half of that. I also was giving away iPads (much more of a bonus than needed, but I wanted some quick numbers to share with you all), and have a bill to my video guy for the how to part for $74 so my (worst possible) profit in the end is $8252.50.

When all was said and done – at the most – 4 hours of work – more than $2000 an hour in profit.

Again, this was a screencast video with someone else’s soundtrack. When I got around to the how to stuff, I used a sub $100 video camera, an iPhone video camera, and the camera that came on the laptop. Again, nothing major here.

The videos have always been in the top give of YouTube results. Currently I’m beating videos with more than 6 times the views and with names considerably larger than mine. I guess the targeting tactics we teach in YouTube Secret Weapon actually work.

Again – no product of my own, no fancy camera, no crazy view numbers – just technique that’s repeatable and partnering up with a product and launch that made sense. This process can be repeated again and again and again.

And you can do this too.

And, of course, make it your own product, don’t give away iPads – and imagine what is possible …

Or you could just let YouTube put ads on your video and make POINT SIX PERCENT of what’s possible.

It’s your call.


Hard Realities About Social Profit Formulas And Online Marketing

Ready for some hard realities?

In prepping for the live Podcast Secrets presentation tonight (the topic – OffCasting – getting people off of you content and into your marketing funnel), I realized I had some killer numbers of what’s happening/working RIGHT NOW to share with my students because of my Social Profit Formula (AFF) campaigning that I wrote about earlier on this Blog and at

I thought I’d share them with you as well.

The metric I’m currently tracking is clicks to opt-ins (i.e., what percentage of people who click over to Don’s campaigns opt-in for more information). As the course hasn’t gone on sale yet, this is the only thing I can track at this point (if you’d like to know the final results of clicks to buys, because, yes, I’m tracking those as well, comment below accordingly).

  • Social Media Links Conversion – 7.6%. That’s right, it takes more than 100 clicks from social media to get 8 people to opt-in.
  • Website Links Conversion – 25.8%. I get 25 opt-ins for those 100 clicks at the previous blog post. That’s more than 3 times the results.
  • Email Newsletter Links Conversion – 29.3%. In my weekly “Heads Up Tuesday” email I mentioned Don’s program as a link worth clicking (there were 5 other links in the newsletter). Did almost 4% better on that random mailing than on the Web clicks.
  • Direct Email Links Conversion – 39.3%. The direct email piece on Don’s product saw nearly 40 optins per 100 clicks – around 5 times the rate of the social media clicks.

The numbers should speak for themselves but a little examination is in order. Yes, this is the only thing I’m tracking and the final results might surprise me still but plane and simple, if I want to see action, I want to send emails.

So what does this mean to Don’s Social Profit Formula and social media marketing in general? Well, I certainly hope you take 2 things from it 1) Social Media doesn’t replace anything well – the results are terrible for marketers when compared to other models and 2) what you need more than the latest version is Tweetdeck or the perfect iPad Twitter client is a model for how to use Social Media to bring people into the fold that does, in fact, work better.

Truth be told, a good amount of my list comes from social media efforts. I introduce myself in Twitter, Facebook, and the rest and when we are ready to take our relationship to the next level – I ask for an email address. It works wonders for both of us.

But regardless of what you strategy is – and who you pick to be your guru, have a strategy that works and can be backed up with real numbers. The real money is in folding Social Media into what you’re already doing.


Social Profit Formula – Free iPad Offer – More Details The Social Profit Formula is one of the biggest Social Media product launches in 2010. Paul Colligan is such a big fan of the Social Profit Formula that he’s willing to buy you an iPad if you pick up the Social Profit Formula through his affiliate link. Visit http for more details.

Social Profit Formula, Free iPads, and YouTube Video

Well the big promotion/event in the Internet Marketing Space this week seems to be Don Crowther’s Social Profit Formula (aff). His second video in the traditional “4 videos of free content before the sale” covers a model for video online that I will certainly be examining myself (it’s all about using YouTube to bring people into your funnel versus the traditional model of making YouTube your funnel).

With that said and done, here are a few social media / social video / YouTube links worth examining:

I couldn’t more excited about YouTube video than I am right now. I think Don’s program is not only going to prove how exciting this business is – but train a lot of people to do really exciting things with it. I’m thrilled that YouTube Secret Weapon is there as well for people who really want to target into this valuable media partner/tool/etc.

Would love your thoughts on the Social Profit Formula if you have any …