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Google Buzz – The Buzz And The Smart Response

Last week Google launched “Google Buzz.” It's “their” take a social media, microblogging, etc. Let's face it, they had to do something about Facebook and Twitter and this is their attempt accordingly.

The long and short of it is that your postings (buzzes?) get sent to your followers and attached to your Google Profile. Here's my Google Profile, feel free to follow me as an example.

Armand Morin says it's “going to be a dominating source in social media” (and offers some suggestions for making it better) and after a quick posting to my tribe (through Buzz, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), I got back but a few responses at all. I'll quote a good chunk of them here:

Josh Sanders (The Hospitality Geek) said (via Google Buzz) “I think it's a potential game-changer, especially for industries like mine. The geographic nature of the mobile version gives businesses an opportunity to reach out to those who happen to be around at the time.

Steve Griz (via Twitter) suggests he'll be waiting a few weeks to dive in.

On Facebook, I opened things up for discussion on my Fan Page (feel free to join in) and only one person had anything to say – and that person was tired of reading about it.

But I think perhaps the most telling post was another buzz from New Media Inner Circle member Melanie Jordan who said “Eagerly awaiting your guidance to us on whether this is worth our time, and if it is, how to leverage the heck out of it!

With that, I offer you my thoughts on a “smart response” to Google Buzz:

In short, at this point Google Buzz is JASW (Just Another Social Network) but …

As the skeptic in me echoes the thoughts on my solo Facebook commenter, I have to remember a meal a few years back with Robert Scoble told me Twitter was “going to be huge” and I had the same initial response. By the way, here are Robert's thoughts on Buzz so far.

The smart marketer needs a response that both gives Buzz a run for her money – but doesn't suck you dry in true JASW form. I'd like to offer one.

In short, … add Buzz to your UberSyndication strategy by automatically posting there everytime you post to Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, etc. There is no need to make a special visit to Google (we make enough special visits as it is) any more than there is a need to make a special visit anywhere else. Your job is to publish your content via the channels your audience happens to be participating in, not judging the merits of said channels. (my current api of choice for UberSyndication) makes publishing to Google Buzz as easy as publishing anywhere else. There are a few zillion other ways to get the same results – I don't care what tech you pick, just Do_it! (a little 80s programming lingo for you there).

In regards to keeping track of anyone Buzzing your way, there is currently no way that I know of right now to track responses via RSS or anything else. I've Pinged the world and will respond if I find anything out. Personally, I expect a full API (and lots of options) to be coming soon – but that's another post all together. So, for the time being, you're going to have to check right in Google Buzz – or make sure your messages alert everyone to the fact that you have no intention of doing so. There is no need to do this more than once a day.

Update: Got this from Shaine: (not quite sure how to make that do what I want yet but …)

That's my take – now I want to hear yours here, at Google Buzz, or anywhere else (that's kinda what this whole Web 2.0 thing is about, eh?).