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Using Pogoplug To Stream Music From Home To My iPhone 4OS Phone

I figured out something very cool today that works on my current iPhone 3GS and my Pogoplug.

As you can see in this video, I've got my iPhone running IOS 4 streaming music from home using my Pogoplug. Yes, I know we can do that with Pandora, but sometimes I like listening to my own music.

What's even cooler (watch until the end of the video), the music controls in IOS 4 – which you normally use to control the iPod player – can control the music on your Pogoplug.

P.s., you can also stream (in the background) on an iPad without having to switch to IO 4. Yes, you can't use the player buttons but it still works great. Article on that over at

P.p.s., I wrote this article on 6/23/2010. On that day, Woot was having a sale on a Pogoplug device that made the thing only $20. If you can get in on that deal, do so.