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BlogWorld And New Media Expo East And West (Was Leaving Las Vegas)

If you haven't heard the news, 2011 brings us TWO BlogWorld and New Media Expos – one in New York City and one in Los Angeles.

New York City is in conjunction with Book Expo America, the default/defacto ‘old school' book publishing event for the world. The Los Angeles event is in Hollywood – the default/defacto center of ‘old school' (Western) media.

We've come a long way from us all fitting in the Ontario Marriott Hotel Bar, haven't we?

As can be expected with any event dedicated to Blogging and New Media (oh, wait a minute, this is the ONLY event dedicated to Blogging and New Media), there are some Blogger and New Media “experts” with complaints. They focus on the splintering of the audience and the expense of New York City.

Let's hit these first.

Re the splintering of the event – not hard – come to both. If your New Media business is made on the connections you make at events like these (mine sure is), these events mean twice the connections. If you're in this for the face to face time with the people that matter, come to both.

By the way, if you're into this only for the training, rumor is they're going to have some very cool options in that option as well. As much as I'd like to see you there, if you're only attending for the presos, there are always much cheaper ways.

Re the expense of New York City – also not hard – Yup, she's expensive. Maybe you should attend a few more sessions of the monetization track. My 72 year old Father not only had his first thousand dollar month last month from his blog but also DOMINATES several keywords in Google related to his topic and New York (especially after the Google changes last month). He's seriously considering attending and writing the whole thing off. If my Dad can figure this out …

Here's a great piece by Wade Kwon on deciding if you should attend.

The Book Expo America connection is amazing. The world of dead tree printing is watching our space like a hawk. Imagine how awesome this event will be. As I write this, Brendon Burchard's Millionaire Messenger is currently #1 in Amazon. By the way, that number is just the after affects of a buzz campaign he started a few weeks back (the Amazon campaign actually doesn't start until Thursday). Also charting is Vaynerchuck's The Thank You Economy (currently in the top 200 in books) – and it doesn't release until tomorrow. Yes, the Amazon links are affiliate links.

Yes, our two worlds are colliding.

Now, let's talk Hollywood.

BlogWorld and New Media Expo Hollywood … things get really interesting there. When Apple releases their $500 HD video editing machine this Friday (iPad 2 with iMovie), it will only go further to prove what Hollywood already knows – they don't hold the keys anymore.

Right now the stories that make the press are New Media types who get their big Old Media “break.” I predict very soon, we'll be hearing stories of Old Media types getting their New Media “break.”

Adam Corolla misses his radio days, right? Poor poor Felicia Day can't get work since Buffy so she's slumming it on a Web Series (insert grin here). I could tell story after story after story.

As I'm sure could you.

As Kwon puts it, “the conference has grown up.” As much as I still look back at my high school days with fond memories (and more pictures than I'd care to admit exist thanks to Facebook), I like being an adult.

And I like the direction BlogWorld and New Media Expo is going.

How about you?