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YouTube Streamed Google Hangouts On Air About Google Hangouts On Air Part 1 (Behind The Scenes) On Friday the 13th (July 2012), Paul Colligan held a Google Hangouts on Air – streamed live to YouTube about everything he knew so far about the Google Hangouts On Air YouTube Connection. This is the screen Paul saw when he did the event . Link To The Original Video – Original Comments And Thread At Google Plus During The Hangout – Link To This Video –

Podcast Secrets Testimonial – Elizabeth Harrington – The New Prime Time – Elizabeth Harrington knew NOTHING ABOUT PODCASTING when she took Podcast Secrets. After not just learning how to Podcast, but how to monetize her Podcast, she now runs the successful New Prime Time Website. She got the Podcast help she was looking for in the program. Will you join Elizabeth, and others like her, for Podcast Secrets this year?