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Social Profit Formula, Free iPads, and YouTube Video

Well the big promotion/event in the Internet Marketing Space this week seems to be Don Crowther's Social Profit Formula (aff). His second video in the traditional “4 videos of free content before the sale” covers a model for video online that I will certainly be examining myself (it's all about using YouTube to bring people into your funnel versus the traditional model of making YouTube your funnel).

With that said and done, here are a few social media / social video / YouTube links worth examining:

I couldn't more excited about YouTube video than I am right now. I think Don's program is not only going to prove how exciting this business is – but train a lot of people to do really exciting things with it. I'm thrilled that YouTube Secret Weapon is there as well for people who really want to target into this valuable media partner/tool/etc.

Would love your thoughts on the Social Profit Formula if you have any …