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Cosmic Panda – Where YouTube Is Going And How You Can Respond

Cosmic Panda is “a new experimental experience for videos, playlists and channels” at YouTube.

It's, in short, a look at where they're going (before they totally go there) with a chance to both comment on what's happening and figure out what this means to your YouTube Strategy.

Below is a quick video walkthrough I did of Cosmic Panda. If you can't see it embedded, the link will take you right to the page.

As per the video, many of you will need to change your background images and consider the implications of (at this point at least) no autoplay on Channel Pages and the inability to scamper through subscriber and friend pages for audience development type activities.

But I do like that YouTube is making this “preview” of Cosmic Panda available for all of us to plan against.

What are your thoughts on this cute little bear?