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Weekend Roundup – Turning 40 Edition

I turned 40 today. Kinda hard to believe. Here's the heads up for this weekend:

  • The YouTube Secret Weapon Insider Webinar for September is Monday night at 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern. Details are here – but a good chunk of it will be used to discuss the production and results of the SEO Training viral video. This one is free for everyone who's purchased any version of YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0 and $47 for everyone else. Obviously, if you've been pondering jumping in with us, you can always buy YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0 now and save yourself $47.
  • WordCamp Portland is this weekend and I'm looking forward to attending, and presenting Saturday afternoon. Tickets are sold out but they hope to livestream the entire event. I'm scheduled to hit the stage around 330p – but you know how these things go. No specifics on the livestream yet – but here's an article about it.
  • At Wordcamp this weekend, I'll be trying out my new business card:

    As the Internet continues to change, I'm so profoundly fascinated how the best Internet device keeps seeming to be that phone in our pockets. I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and am curious as to what you think. Yes, the phone number works, was testing the whole system last night.

I don't feel 40. Please don't leave comments on how I look it.

See you at WordCamp maybe?

YouTube Secret Weapon – Doing Things Differently

So, today marks the official opening of YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0.

We're doing some things VERY DIFFERENTLY from traditional Internet launches. I thought I'd share them here, with a few thoughts behind each, and see what you think.

  • We're opening all questions, comments and reviews open to the public through the area of Bearhug. Reviews, questions, suggestions, complaints, etc. – we're gonna make them all public. Those results will be very interesting.
  • We've got an opt in page at Facebook. I've been saying forever that you need to go where the people are. It's time to practice what I preach.
  • No closing date. This product will be open for a long time. This should make affiliates happy and give customers a pleasant change from the buy now or perish barrage out there.
  • We will continue to run the blog for folk to read – regardless of it they've bought the product or not.
  • We continue to offer the product on DVDs that work on a DVD player, not requiring 30 minutes of drm madness just to view the content you paid for.

I'm thrilled with this approach and think we'll see great results but, let's be honest, it isn't the way “everyone else” is doing business online.

Think it will work? I'd love your thoughts below:

$16488.97 CPM On A YouTube Screencast Video With No Voice Work (Let Alone Camera Work) – Or $766.32 Per Second Of (Poorly Produced) Clip

Running the numbers is always fun.

So, how did the Social Profit Formula YouTube experiment go? How does more than $16,000.00 in sales for every thousand views sound to you? That would be a $16488 CPM – if that's the language you want to use.

You could also look at it as more than $766 sold per second of clip – even though that clip was a screengrab of a Keynote Presentation designed in less than 2 minutes. We didn't have time for voice over so we just used the audio swap feature of YouTube for the background music. It is from some band called “Momentary Sound Action” – and twas 100% legal. Love it.

Now let's be totally complete here in these numbers. It's an affiliate play (so I didn't have to create my own product) – so I only take half of that. I also was giving away iPads (much more of a bonus than needed, but I wanted some quick numbers to share with you all), and have a bill to my video guy for the how to part for $74 so my (worst possible) profit in the end is $8252.50.

When all was said and done – at the most – 4 hours of work – more than $2000 an hour in profit.

Again, this was a screencast video with someone else's soundtrack. When I got around to the how to stuff, I used a sub $100 video camera, an iPhone video camera, and the camera that came on the laptop. Again, nothing major here.

The videos have always been in the top give of YouTube results. Currently I'm beating videos with more than 6 times the views and with names considerably larger than mine. I guess the targeting tactics we teach in YouTube Secret Weapon actually work.

Again – no product of my own, no fancy camera, no crazy view numbers – just technique that's repeatable and partnering up with a product and launch that made sense. This process can be repeated again and again and again.

And you can do this too.

And, of course, make it your own product, don't give away iPads – and imagine what is possible …

Or you could just let YouTube put ads on your video and make POINT SIX PERCENT of what's possible.

It's your call.


What I Learned From Producing An Eight Hour Webinar About YouTube

Webinars have become my favorite mode of content creation. They are the perfect live platform for the New Media Content Creation Model and can be done from anywhere in the world (with an Internet connection, of course).

Two days ago I did an 8-hour Webinar with Julie Perry of YouTube Secret Weapon fame. I killed a LOT of birds with that single stone (one day that will be a blog posting of her own) but I learned a number of things along the way that I thought I'd share here.

Webinars are as subject to the whims of Murphy's law as are everything else. At the home office I have Verizon FIOS – screaming Internet connectivity that can easily handle this – and more. I lost access once during the day and GotoWebinar had a few problems during the day that not only were, well, problems, but came up on the screen recordings we took here. By having an external recording of the event made, we should be able to produce a great video. Also, my MiFi as backup gave not only sense of mind, but saved the day.

Spam is making legitimate email communication harder and harder. Now, I'll admit that my copy (and directions) writing and is not the best, but a LOT of people didn't get the mail that put them into the queue. For whatever reason (and there are lots of them), I'm going to have to figure out a new workflow for this kind of thing that includes (probably) a personal check in from my assistant for people who don't confirm in the first hour.

People will sit through an 8 hour Webinar. Of the hundreds who purchased, many bought to get the recordings and had no intention of showing up for the live event (some people have better things to do with their Saturdays). But of those who showed up, we saw more than 80% of them make it to then end. Those are the same stats I see on a traditional Webinar. A past mentor once told me “the mind can only take in as much as the butt can endure.” I'm not quite sure how to translate that to this crowd.

The New Media Content Creation Model rocks. The promise of this Webinar was 6 hours (or more) with Julie before she took a day job somewhere else that would prevent her from doing things like this in the future. We delivered that well. Good money was made on the event but … the recordings will be leveraged and sold as a product later. In truth, as happy as I was with Saturday's profit, but what we do with the results of Saturday will, I am almost certain, make me more money than Saturday did. The pressures of 3 digits of people watching the event live pumped the adrenaline needed to produce the show we did.

Upsells always make sense. We gave everyone who bought the chance to buy the DVDs of the event in a one-time-offer (I love Premiumcast). The revenue from what most would call an ‘afterthought' paid for the video editing, the dvd creation, the dvd artwork, and mailing the dvds to everyone who bought. How great is that?

I've been asked if I'd do a Webinar on how I used Premiumcast to run the ecommerce for this and a few since Saturday have asked if I could also teach how we pulled of the Webinar, recordings, backups, etc. We'll see what we can pull off. If you'd like to see these, please let me know in the comments below.

What are your thoughts on Webinars as revenue generators?

YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0 – Julie’s Last Hurrah Julie Perry of YouTube Secret Weapon recently accepted a high profile job as the Social Media Director for Blast Media. As a result, we'll picking picking Julie's brain dry on a final all-day Webinar for YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0. All of the details (plus ordering) can be found at – Updates – Free Webinar To Maximize The New Channel Pages YouTube keeps getting bigger and bigger (as well as more and more important). Here are a few trends in YouTube that we've been noticing (1080p, “big” names, focus on television content, etc.) and a chance to join us for a free webinar on maximizing the new YouTube Channel Page formats. Send a blank email to for more details.

YouTube And Her Secret Plans For World Domination

It's time for a reality check on YouTube again.

YouTube 1080p. If you haven't yet seen the Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody bit, do so. Once you've done that (you have to be inhuman to not love the Muppets), realize something very important, YOUTUBE IS STREAMING 1080P. This hasn't got the press it should. Who else is streaming content 1080p? Not Hulu.

YouTube Streams U2. If you didn't watch it live, it's all archived. The YouTube stream of the U2 show was incredible and, dear friends, YouTube is “getting into the game.”

YouTube Protects Her Window. The press about the YouTube / Popcorn Hour “conflict” was way overplayed and completely misunderstood by the “sphere.” YouTube isn't denying anyone anything, they're just making sure they can track what goes where. Why would they care? Keep on reading.

YouTube “In Talks” Re Streaming Television. Calling this trend an “iTunes Killer” makes about as much sense as calling anything from Blackberry an “iPhone Killer” – but we need make no mistake here, YouTube is getting into “the game.

Enter Paul's first (and way too easy) prediction for 2010 …

In 2010, YouTube will offer a premium streaming television model that, unlike the other options, will work on the desktop, the phone and the television instantly.

Prediction #2 …

It's gonna rock.

See, they're already there.

iPhone is on the computer. No debates there.

But they're also on every phone that can receive video. Yes, the iPhone has the YouTube app but, … so does Android … and WinMo … and Blackberry … and everything from Nokia (that can do video at least).

And, they all let you enter in your existing YouTube login and password …

But it's not just the desktop and the phone – although this is impressive.

It's also the television set.

Tivo has YouTube.

Apple TV has YouTube.

Lots of television boxes – Popcorn Hour, VuNow, nValeo, Playnow (Powering Wii, Xbox, PS3), and others – all carry YouTube.

Don't forget YouTube XL (made by YouTube for viewing YouTube further away from the computer screen) too.

Oh yeah, there are a bunch of HD television sets and Blu-Ray players that also give you YouTube.

And, they all give you the ability to log in to your account.

Where YouTube ain't?

Computer – check. Television – check. Telephone – check. Anything with a screen – check!

Other than the Roku box (and, oh yes, a piece coming about them very soon), can you name me on connected device capable of playing streaming video that doesn't have YouTube?


Oh, wait a minute, are you on YouTube?

Are You On YouTube?

Here's my YouTube Channel. Where's yours?

Over a year ago I launched YouTube Secret Weapon with Julie Perry. Version 2.0 has been a long time coming and some announcements should be made soon but … we're practically being forced to produce this with the realities of what's ahead.

What Else YouTube?

So, Mark my words, before we see 1/1/11 it will be easier to watch television on YouTube than anything else. Yes, they'll even trump (already have) the ease of use of anything Apple.

With the tracking that YouTube is demanding (go back to that Popcorn Hour thing), they can even give “the industry” what they've been looking for.

With the devices we've already purchased, the only thing we'll have to pay for is access.

And, by the way, when we do the math on that kind of access versus what we're paying for cable, we'll be thrilled.

But, back to the question at hand – and my visions of world domination.

If YouTube makes it so much easier than anyone else to deliver content online, why would we go anywhere else?

You on YouTube?

Am I nuts?

Please leave your comments below.

No NDAs were violated in the authoring of this article.