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YouTube Strategies: Making And Marketing Online Video – Book By Paul Colligan In his top selling book about YouTube Marketing and YouTube Strategies, Paul Colligan examines the top 21 questions about YouTube that everyone asks. Questions like:

Is YouTube Really A Social Network? How Can You Leverage That Fact?

How Do I Make The Best Of The New YouTube Live Options

How Can I Optimize My YouTube Channel And Videos?

What Can I Do To Maximize My YouTube Channel?

How Should I Integrate My YouTube Strategies With Other Social Networks?

How Do You Get Your YouTube Video Ranked On The Front Page Of Google?

What Are The Best SEO Methods And Strategies For A YouTube Video?

What Equipment And Software Do I Need To Create A Decent Quality Video?

What Value Is There In Closed Captioning Your YouTube Videos?

What Is The Ideal Length For A YouTube Video?

How Should I Use YouTube Annotations?

How Do I Make My Video Go “Viral?”

What Quality Should I Publish My YouTube Videos In?

How Do I Get My Videos To Link Outside Of YouTube?

What Is The Best Format For A YouTube Video?

What Should I Do After I Publish My YouTube Video?

When Should I Use YouTube And The YouTube Player? When Should I Not?

Is It Better To Have One YouTube Channel For Everything I Do?

When Should I Let YouTube Place Ads On My Videos?

What Are The Best Third Party Tools And Services For YouTube?

Should I Use Services To Get More Views For My YouTube Videos?

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