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How Did Paul Just Post A 25 Minute YouTube Video? What About The YouTube Time Limits?

Embedded below is a 25 minute Webinar I finished earlier today called “Facebook Awesome 2.0.” If you can't see the YouTube Video, below, click on the term above to see the video at YouTube.

You'll notice the Webinar is 25 minutes long (one of my shorter). Yes, the crafty ones will also be thinking to themselves “wait a minute, the YouTube maximum is 15 minutes.”

Not any more.

As per TechCrunch, YouTube is beginning to remove video time limits. Basically, the idea is that accounts that haven't been bad in terms of copyright infringement (combined with their Content ID system) are being allowed to upload longer videos.

As you can see from the above embed.

I don't know the limits of YouTube Videos now – but don't worry, I will be testing the limits considerably over the next couple of days.

Should I share with you the results ;-)?

As a bit of a postscript, for those curious about the previous article, the results have been more than we could have hoped for. Social Media Marketing Machines is going to be another massive launch in the Internet Marketing space, and YouTube is playing a major part in it. The extension of time only gives us more possibilities.

2011 is going to be epic …