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How Do You Set Lower Bandwidth For A Google Hangout On Air? How do you set lower bandwidth for a Google Hangout On Air. It’s very easy, as can been seen in this video below.

One of the most powerful features of Google Hangouts On Air is that you can adjust the bandwidth from each attendee based on what bandwidth is available. If you are connected to a Google Hangout and don’t have the ability to stream in full HD, don’t worry, you can adjust as is seen in this video.

YouTube Live Streaming Tutorial – Enable Your YouTube Account For Live Streaming In 1 Minute Now that YouTube is enabling accounts with just 100 subscribers for YouTube Live (YouTube Streaming), you’ll want to enable your account for live streaming as quickly as possible. This video shows you how to enable your YouTube account for live streaming (YouTube Live) in one minute.

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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog – YouTube Roundtrip Trick The number one question I get all the time is “how to get more traffic to your blog?”

The trick is the YouTube Roundtrip – 1) quickly create a video on a topic your audience is interested in 2) direct people from that video to your blog.

This is the fastest way (how) to get traffic to your blog.

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Is YouTube’s Business Model Broken?

Welcome to downLOADED, the show where opinionated geek and tech pundits gather around to discuss issues and news impacting technology and its users. This week we are coming to you from the Reel SEO Video Marketing Summit In San Francisco we’re joined by Paul Colligan the CEO of Colligan Inc. and Greg Jarboe the president of SEO-PR.

The Reel Video Marketing Summit

Paul Colligan

Greg Jarboe

Is YouTube a good place to build a business?

YouTube subscription model, will it work?

How do you make YouTube a better place to do business?

Moving your audience off YouTube, where should content creators go?

Is advertising dead?

Is the pre-roll dead?

Programatic buying – taking over?

Is the kickstarter model extendable?

Why is it so hard to count video views?

News: Exec moves: Paramount promotes Amy Powell to run TV as well as digital and low-budget movies. What changes are coming to Hollywood?

News: Exec moves: Mickie Rosen Leaves Yahoo

News: Google releases Chromecast, a game changer? a beginning of a revolution?

News: Apple Hits 1 Billion Podcast Subscriptions. What is the future of podcasting?

How To Drive Traffic To A Website From YouTube (YouTube Tip) #1 – A Link In The Description Want to know how to drive traffic from your YouTube Videos to your Website? This series of youtube tips will show you how to get website traffic from YouTube. We’ll take each method for getting traffic to a website from YouTube in each video.

The first method is putting a link to your Website in the beginning of the description for your episode. Put in the full “HTTP://” and make sure to leave a space after the URL. Don’t use quotes or a parenthesis.

If you would like more of these videos about how to drive traffic from youtube – i.e., get more website traffic from YouTube, make sure to subscribe to this channel.

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YouTube Paid Channels Work Great On The iPhone And iPad – iOS Turns out that that YouTube Paid Channel program makes it very easy to watch subscription / premium videos on your iOS device. In this example, Paul views a channel he subscribed to on his iPad.

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YouTube Paid Channels – How To Subscribe To A Paid / Premium YouTube Channel Paul Colligan examines the new YouTube Paid Channel program (premium YouTube content) and shows how one can subscribe to a paid YouTube Channel.

Understand why certain things were blurred out 😉

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YouTube Paid Channels Are LIVE – QUICK LOOK

http;// – YouTube just turned on their PAID CHANNELS program. That’s right, you are now able to pay for content at YouTube. What this means to future content developers is not yet known.

I’ve been involved with the Real Wisdom TV ( project since the beginning and am thrilled to finally be able to talk about it.

What will you do with paid / premium YouTube channels?

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