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The Information Overload Page:

1 – Here is what the package looks like (did I mention it weighs 14 pounds?):

2 – Here is the BLOG that is tracking the launch. Check out the 14 minute video – or subscribe to the Blog using any of these popular RSS readers:

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3 – Click here to subscribe to the Affiliate Guy's Podcast to hear part of the interview with Anik about the product. Another one is coming later today

4 – Here is my abbreviated review:

Holy Crap Anik! The affiliate marketing industry just doubled output for 2006 with the introduction of your course. This won't only make some affiliate managers a huge chunk of change, but this will also create a new generation of super affiliates as this program teaches affiliate managers, finally, how to get their affiliates to perform to the level that they can. You held back nothing and, wow, it shows.

5 – The complete, unedited transcripts of my call with Anik can be found here –

Visit and sign up for the free report – Can Affiliate Sales Change the Course Of Your Business?.

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