The Business Podcasting Bible

Five years ago I posted pictures of Leo Laporte giving a thumb up to The Business Podcasting Bible. What a wonderful time and memory. I’ve also attached those pics to the bottom of this post.

Thank you Leo for working so hard to make Podcasting what it is today. Thank you those who picked up the book and did great things because of it. Just a few months back a met a full time Podcaster that says twas this training that made it all possible.

I couldn’t be more thrilled. Of the books I’ve written – I am most proud of this one.

Back then, we were pretty sure Podcasting was going to go a very specific way.

It didn’t.

It didn’t go away.

It didn’t go anyplace bad.

It just didn’t go where we thought it would.

I’m still Podcasting and I, at the time of writing, probably consume more Podcasts now than I did when I wrote the book with Alex Mandossian. She’s part of the Internet in a very deep and rich way – just, again, not the way I thought she would be.

For the time being, consider The Business Podcasting Bible a dead project. Although the book came out pre-iPhone and most of the sample shows have faded away, I still stand by everything we said in the book – and companies would still do well to follow the recommendations within.

A great way to look at it – a lens by which to read it if you will – is that of “Podcasting 1.0.” We are by all means in the “2.0” phase of Podcasting and proper implementation is more than can be contained in a single book.

Because so much has changed, well, simply, the project is complete.

Have pondered version 2 (or “Book 2?” – it is a Bible) of the book but for the time being my efforts are better spent elsewhere.

Twas a fun five years.

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