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I've been meaning to do this a long time – here's a list of the tools I use across all the different things I do online. This will grow over time but if there is something missing in the list, leave a comment below and I'll do what I can to add it.

Also, trying this How To Podcast store at Amazon – might help too!


  • Audacity: 99.99% of you don't need/want anything else. Simple audio recording and editing.
  • Blue Nessie: A) Great USB Microphone B) STUDIO ENHANCES YOUR SOUND ON THE FLY C) Use the iPhone/iPad photo adapter and it works on you iOS Device. I LOVE this microphone.
  • Blue Nessie iOS Kit: If you want to run the Blue Nessie on an iOS Device, you'll need the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit and an Apple Lightening to 30 Pin Adapter if you have a newer device.
  • Blue Spark Digital: Gorgeous LIGHT microphone from Blue that comes with a lightening plug so you can plug it directly into your iOS device.
  • DropVox for iOS: record on your iOS Device – automatically sends it to Dropbox for whoever needs to handle it.
  • iRig Mic: Not as high quality as the Nessie, but easy to plug in and use. Long chord really nice for interviews.
  • iRig Mic HD: Amazing microphone that connects to the iOS Lighting port. Portable, well priced, great sound.
  • iRig Mic Cast: Small microphone that plugs into the jack of your iPhone or Android device. Comes with the apps needed to start recording quickly. Quality is average but ease of use is considerable.
  • Eliminate legal nightmares with music for your Podcast that you have rights to.
  • Porta-Booth Pro: Want that “recorded in the studio” sound? Get this before you spend any more money on your microphone.
  • TASCAM DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder – Great portable digital recorder that records uncompressed audio format to standard memory cards.  


  • This is the Private Label of the Platform. Same product, price, etc.
  • Clickbank: If you want to sell digital products and you want someone else to handle affiliates, payouts, credit cards, etc … these are the guys. Been around forever – will be around forever.
  • Shopify: These guys are the next generation of ecommerce. Everything is connected – from the app to your phone to the delivery company to the merchant account.  Give these guys a look.


  • Gmail: I find it just plane silly to use any other platform for email – desktop or device.

Hosting And Domain Names

  • Crazy cheap. Great technical support. This Blog is hosted with them. Nuff said?
  • My own private label GoDaddy. Everything GoDaddy has, just cheaper and better – and, gosh darn it, I own this one ;-).


  • Feedly: As of this time, I've picked Feedly as my replacement for Google News. If you know what the means, great. If you don't, you need a way to track the sites and news sources that are important to you. This is my platform of choice.
  • Zite: The best way to describe this is the “Pandora For News.” Tell it what you like and want to read about – it gives you the rest. Thumbs up and thumbs down lets you refine the news it serves you.


  • Evernote: Even the free version is worth more than the stuff most people normally pay for. This link will get you a free month of Premium (for testing, don't worry, you're free to go back to the free version).
  • FancyHands: The “Ubering” of virtual assistants. Tasks bought, in bulk, that smart folk can do for you. Run them through many of your favorite task managers, call it in, email it in, app it in – whatever it is – get it done FAST.
  • Livescribe: Take notes with a pen and paper that become PDFs, integrate with Evernote and more. This is a game changer on a lot of levels. New version works right with your iPad.


  • This is the Facebook tool of Facebook tools.

Tablet / Reader

  • iPad Mini: There are a lot of reasons to consider the iPad Retina over the iPad Mini – but when push comes to shove, I use my iPad Mini more than an hour every day and … my Retina iPad far less.
  • Kindle Paperwhite: The iPad makes a great reader, but it is still an LCD screen. If you read a LOT on screens, there is nothing like the Kindle E-ink Paperwhite reader. I love mine and use on a regular basis.



  • Hostgator: The Web Hosting company that, among a few zillion other sites, hosts this blog. Never had a problem with them. Prices – amazingly cheap.


  • NEW – Tube Buddy: An AMAZING YouTube Channel Management tool that combines the best in automation with the requirements that YouTube has placed on all of us. Use this tool before you examine the rest.
  • Tube Assist: AUTOMATED YOUTUBE MARKETING IN THE CLOUD. No Downloads. No Installs. No Hassles. Cloud means works on Mac / Phones / Tablets / etc.
  • NEW – Veeroll: Targeted Traffic… at a Fraction of the Cost. Leverage the Power of YouTube Ads. Makes the ads that get the traffic and walks you STEP-BY-STEP through the building of your YouTube Ads campaign. Sometimes the fastest way to click isn't your video ;-).
  • Video LC: a complete suite of Video SEO, Analytics and YouTube™ Channel Management tools. The research options made possible by this thing is amazing. Give it a try if video research is important to you. 14 day free trial.
  • Note, I no longer recommend Tube Toolbox as the other tools in this list, simply, do a better job.

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